Property Finder

We commit to finding the right property for you, in the right location, at the right price!

Our access to network for contacts Spain-wide will alert us to properties for sale, distressed and auction opportunities as well as new builds in advance of agent listings. We locate, inspect, advise, negotiate, translate and oversee property purchases across Spain, wholly acting on your behalf. We also offer an unrivalled after sales service; an important feature when you purchase a property in Spain.

The steps we work through with you are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: We listen to your unique and specific requirements to ascertain your exact property needs, the areas in which you are interested, and, of course, your budget.
  • Search: From the initial consultation we build a detailed brief and are able to start our property search that will take approximately three weeks. We proactively source property both advertised and, through Spanish contacts, obtain pre-market access to properties.
  • Reporting Back: Once we have found what we consider to be the most suitable properties for you, we send you a full report including pictures following our visits to the prospective homes, with as much information as possible to enable you to have a good understanding and feel for each property with a suggested shortlist for viewing. Even after our shortlist is completed we will continue to search the property market for any new properties and notify you weekly of our progress.
  • Property Visit: After discussions with you, we will arrange viewings of the properties to fit around your home and work commitments. We will arrange in advance appointments with sellers and agents, providing you with a detailed viewing schedule before you leave home, so you will know exactly what to expect when you arrive in Spain. We can accompany you on all viewings on the Costa del Sol so we are at hand to translate and/or ask the right questions on your behalf.
  • Negotiation: Spain’s multiple listing system means it is not uncommon to find the same property registered with several agents. We ensure that the property is being sold at the best price, and negotiate further on your behalf to save you money. If we have done our job correctly you will have found your ideal property and feel ready to make an offer. You will then be asked to pay the deposit and provide details of a Lawyer. We are happy to make recommendations of legal representatives who speak your language.
  • Legal: Once your property has had an accepted offer and the deal is agreed, we will work alongside your Lawyer to oversee the entire purchasing process. Our aim is to ensure that the purchase runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Completing the Purchase: After all the legal, governmental and financial processes have been sorted out (usually about one month for a simple sale) you will be invited to a formal meeting at the Notaria to sign the deed and become the proud owners of your new home in Spain

A successful and pain-free home search starts with a great deal of preparation – We make it easy. Fundamental to your success is our understanding of exactly what you are searching for, your needs and specific requirements. We identify your parameters at the very outset through a short online survey and then spending time with you on a 1-2-1 basis discussing your needs.


Do you want the property as a long-term investment; short term let, retirement property?

Do you prefer country, or sea, gardens, or terraces, villa, or apartment living?

Do you have specific requirements such as a ground floor, or lift access to manage to any disability?

We then collate and prepare and agree a brief of your requirements and begin the research aspect of our work.  We alert our contacts, evaluate and research opportunities reporting back our findings to you through the presentation of a considered report.  We then view the shortlisted properties on your behalf before arranging for you to come to Spain at your convenience to view the final list of potential homes.

You relax whilst we do all the work.

We stay focused on your needs, remaining proactive to your individual requirements.  We will contact you on a regular basis as the search continues until you are satisfied with a potential property. We remain ‘on call’ for any queries you may have up to the date of completion – and beyond if necessary! We are able to conduct all negotiations on your behalf. As your representatives, we work solely on your behalf.  The price we secure is the best deal for you.

We also, where required, introduce the services of specialist providers such as architects, builders, lawyers, banks, foreign exchange traders, insurers or translators.  Following purchase, our local knowledge connects you with the best available support services, from legal advice on planning guidelines to interior design.

How it works

  • We work with you to create a picture of the style of home, lifestyle and space you prefer. We discuss the criteria of most personal importance to you such as location to schools, leisure facilities, shopping, local transport etc.
  • Your budget is agreed. We will never attempt to push you over this figure
  • We commence the search, viewing properties on your behalf and update you regularly on progress
  • We provide you with a detailed report of the properties available, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of shortlisted areas and homes
  • We escort you to a selected shortlist of homes, providing translation services where necessary until a suitable home has been found
  • We conduct all negotiations for the selected property
  • We facilitate the move, co-ordinating the gas, electricity and telephone services
  • We will help integrate you into your new location and introduce you to local amenities
  • In the case of ‘buy to lets’ and onward sales for profit, we advise on the best ways to renovate, redevelop and market a property to help it reach its maximum market potential
  • We provide you with contacts in the lettings market and an estimate of the current rental yield
  • We update you on the latest laws concerning letting property in your choosen location of Spain


We are totally independent from any Spanish sales agent or developer, and can look right across the market to find the right property, in the right location, at the right price.  Having invested in the Spain over many years we understand the property market and are on the ground, representing you and working in your corner on a day-to-day basis.

You can depend on our understanding of prevalent market conditions and local insights to conduct all negotiations in your favour and on your behalf.

We have an extensive network of contacts within the property markets. As ‘insiders’, we know how much room there is for manoeuvre; working exclusively on your behalf we are more likely to secure a realistic price.

Our services cover everything from searching for your dream home, suggesting potential property matches, contacting and negotiating with the property owners and estate agents, down to recommending lawyers to work with during the final stages of purchase and helping you integrate into the local Spanish way of life.

Why use Us

The five main reasons people employ a property finder are:

1. They don’t have the time to search thoroughly

2. They want to get the best price

3. They may not know the area

4. They have never bought in Spain before

5. They want independent advice and “someone in their corner”.

Our services provide:-

  • Attention to your specific needs
  • Knowledge of the Spanish market with hands-on experience built up over 25+ years
  • Convenience and exclusivity
  • Regular contact via phone or email
  • Access to our network of reliable contacts
  • Peace of mind


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